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Discovering Diabetes™

Diabetes Self-Management Education Program Package

Available in both Native/Aboriginal and Original version, our diabetes self-management education program package gives you the all-in-one start you need to begin a diabetes  education program.


The Discovering Diabetes™ program includes:

  • a program manual which guides the set up of your diabetes education program from vision to implementation to evaluation.
  • a standardized diabetes education curriculum.
  • the clients Discovery Records, to guide their care.
  • having clients Discover how to have diabetes fit into their REAL life.
  • consistent messaging between educators and diabetes education programs.
  • support and advice from diabetes educators using the curriculum.
  • marketing tips on how to fill your classes with students.

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Benefits to using this curriculum include:

  • Addressing Multiple Learning Styles: HEARING your instruction for auditory learners, SEEING the slides and myth book for visual learners, and HANDS-ON using of the myth book and the Discovery record for kinesthetic learners.
  • Active Participation: The curriculum is linked to pages in the myth book and encourages active participation and learning.
  • Consistent Content and Terminology:  Lack of message consistency between educators and programs is common and confusing to people with diabetes.  Inconsistent or conflicting information makes learning very difficult for non-medical people, poor readers or English as a second language clients to understand.

The Discovering Diabetes™  curriculum is taught as 4- 2 hour classes and uses the Myth Books and Tool of Discovery to help clients discover how diabetes works inside them.

Includes Professional Quality Slides 

Each slide has a different key diabetes message with formatting consistency and Myth Book page indicator. Each curriculum package comes with a digital copy of the  100+ high-quality PowerPoint™ slides in either the Original or Native/Aboriginal version.

Slides can be used in a variety of ways and in a variety of practice settings in order to best meet your client’s learning needs. 

Professional Diabetes Training
A unique and effective program to help you
“Make a Difference“.Want to offer a diabetes education program that guidesyour clients to become their own diabetes self-manager?  Diabetes Training 101™ offers professional training in the Discovering Diabetes™ self-management education model.You will learn how to effectively use the Discovering Diabetes™ model so you can be confident that your education program is making a difference.  Using our teaching tools, client myth books and reflective and meaningful course work, you can have clients seeking out your services and coming back to you with great results.

Diabetes Myths, Misconceptions and Big Fat Lies! Client Myth Book

A supplemental book to reinforce the concepts of the Discovering Diabetes™ education program using hands-on learning and consistent messaging.  Written to dispel diabetes myths and offer diabetes truths to guide clients towards successful diabetes self-management.  Useful both as a part of the Discovering Diabetes™ self-management workshop series and also in individual client sessions.

Diabetes…Myth or Truth? Client Myth Book

A Native/Aboriginal specific client book that uses traditional symbols from aboriginal storytelling to guide client learning.  Written to dispel diabetes myths of the coyote and offer diabetes management truths from the eagle, to aid in diabetes self-management.  Useful both as a part of the Discovering Diabetes™ self-management workshop series and also in individual client sessions.


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