At Diabetes Training 101™, we are focused on helping people

Learn to Live Well with Diabetes

More and more people are being diagnosed with diabetes every day. As a health care professional, you may be asked to educate people living with diabetes as a part of your role.  At Diabetes Training 101™ we can help you set up your diabetes education practice with the tools and skills you need to help clients become successful diabetes managers and take an active role in their own care.

We offer:DD101PMCover

  • a diabetes self-management program manual and self-care education curriculum.
  • client intake forms, chart forms and supportive documents.
  • a program compliant with the most recent 2013 CDA Diabetes Clinical Practice Guidelines.
  • a professional curriculum training service to help you feel confident to deliver a diabetes self-management program with structure, focus, patient engagement and outcomes.
  • ongoing support from educators currently using the curriculum and teaching tools.

Our diabetes management program is perfect for:

  • new diabetes educators looking for a place to start. Our program package comes with everything you need to start your own diabetes education program complete with chart forms, teaching tools and a starter amount of the diabetes myth books.
  • new diabetes education programs looking for an efficient business model.
  • experienced diabetes educators who want to use a standardized message and model to engage their clients in a new and effective way.

A Proven Diabetes Education Model

A way to teach and reinforce key diabetes concepts

  • Diabetes educators deliver an evidence-based and standardized curriculum that allows for flexibility within each group and promotes diabetes self-management.  
  • Clients receive high quality diabetes education in a time-efficient group setting. 
  • The curriculum guides the client’s self-management learning while the myth books reinforce the diabetes information and are written in a client-friendly format that can be personalized to the client.
  • Diabetes Myths, Misconceptions and Big Fat Lies! and Diabetes: Myth or Truth?client books are written to complement, enhance and reinforce the Discovering Diabetes™ instruction you are providing to your client, while the client takes away an easy to read, portable diabetes reference book that will maximize their learning.

Why Choose Discovering Diabetes™?

While there are many diabetes teaching tools in Canada, none of them offer what the Discovering Diabetes™ program does.

As outlined in the article Discovering Diabetes: achieving target blood glucose control through a behavioral approach to insulin and food self-management in the British Journal of Diabetes & Vascular Disease in 2005, the Discovering Diabetes™ self-management program can help your patients learn to make a difference in their own lives and Learn to Live Well with Diabetes!